Terms & Conditions For Packers And Movers

1. The packing materials of the property will be taken back on the same day of unloading.If not, rental charges will be applied as per the policy.

2. The above quotes do not include dismantling and fittings of electrical/electronic appliances(Fans,Bulbs,Geyser,UPS).Water purifier can be Uninstalled.

3. For uninstalltion and installtion of AC, Technician charges are applied.But materials has to be purchased separately which is not inclusive of the quote. Arranging does not include pipes, gas filling, extra wire, fittings associated etc.These charges have to be borne by customer.

4. Normal beds will be dismanteled and assemble will be done.For Hydrolic beds,Bunk beds,Modular beds etc..Carpenter Work charges are applied.

5. If customer cancels the movement after the team reaches pickup location, the transportation charges will be borne by the customer.

6. Please intimate whether the vehicle can enter the premises/lane, the distance of the vehicle to the lift/house gate(Upto 40 Mtr no charges), and the maximum time it can be retained inside the premises in advance to the team. Extra charges to be taken for waiting purpose, price will be decided based on waiting time.

7. Incase if any inventory is not possible to move by stair cases or lift, extra charges will be applied for Rope Pulling based on the inventory.The distance of the vehicle to the lift/house gate,

8. As per the Quote, If any Inventories and cartoon boxes are added, Extra charges applied on bases.

9. Please keep your Cash/Jewellery/Valuables in your custody. Goods transfer through rope is at the sole discretion of the customer. Any concern during or after should be brought to the notice of team immediately. Team would not be liable for any mis-happening.